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Marathon : Barnacles and things

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22 November 2010

Fish jump around us all the time flop and pop, flop and pop but
nobody except the birds try and catch them. They say they are mostly catfish –
and you don,t catch and eat catfish in a marina because they are bottom
feeders. The only thing we are putting into the marina water is our cooking / dishwashing
water and I try and keep that to a minimum – by washing the dishes every second
day. I had half a bottle of milk turn on me (because the fridge is also on
restricted power) It took ages to actually curdle and then I put that in the
toilet – which goes into a holding tank and gets pump out once a week by a pooh
covered operator ( well he was this week anyway – a bit sprayed with it YUK!)

We are just sitting about nicely. Andreas cleaned the bottom of the dingy today.
It’s been in the water for three weeks and it was already really coated with
little barnacles especially on the stern . He scraped them off.

This marina is bad for rapid attachment of barnacles and we are moored next door
to Barnacle Bill who lives in a house boat here permanently.

Guess what his job is ? You got it,cleaning boat bottoms.

Barnacles are food on the table for him. If you do it yourself you need
to wear a good thick diving suit because they say there are little shrimp
things that jump on you and as they say get into every orifice !

The power systems on the boat are not adequate for
what we will need. Right now we have a Honda 2000 generator going almost
constantly to keep the boat’s systems powered up. Andreas
bought this Honda 2000 this week to boost up the boats batteries so we can keep
the fridge, the lights, the computer and the cell phones charged up, the water
pumps, the radios, the fans, the gas stove starter, and the navigational equipment

The boat is light on power producing facilities probably because
it was a charter boat before and people chartering boats like this usually
travel about on the motors. They do not sail much. The motors charge the batteries
and make hot water when they are running. This means that the sails are in good
order and we will mainly be sailing, which means no motors running, no power. When
you are tied up to a mooring it is not a good idea to run the boat’s motor to
charge batteries, neighbours don’t like it!

So the next thing to happen here is that we will be installing solar panels to
make power for us.

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September 4, 2011 at 11:30 am

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