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Marathon ..waiting, waiting, waiting

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It’s pretty hard work living on a marina.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    To go to shore you have to jump in the dinghy. In a marina you use the shore facilities
like in a camping ground; the laundry, the showers and whenever possible the
toilets. So you have to plan everything a bit better. We are now getting the
groceries and whatever Andreas needs to fix things on the bicycles. We have
little backpacks and I have a front basket on the handlebars, but when you are
buying in your drinking water, your beer and your wine the loads get pretty


We paid for a locker on shore which means we can
hold things there  so they don’t all have
to go backwards and forwards across the water to the boat.

We are here at Marathon for at least another month
waiting on the radar. It’s hard to imagine having to wait a month for something
in USA isn’t it.? There was very big annual boat show in Annapolis about 3
weeks ago and another big one at Ft Lauderdale a week later.

I suspect they must have sold lots of radars there. Bad timing on our part.

Never mind Andreas just keeps on fixing things on the boat and will eventually  take it out
for sailing practise as soon as the fixing is done … if fixing ever gets done!

Because we are waiting on tradesmen and goods to arrive so much of the time Andreas
and I are often literally twiddling our fingers . Such a change of lifestyle for us !

You come to realise after so much inactivity that a busy life is not such a bad thing.

We are on the “pathway” to the shore and if Andreas doesn’t watch out

he is going to become like the little man in the cuckoo clock,                                                                                                                                                                        popping out every time a dingy goes by to see who it is this time !

I can always find an endless amount of cleaning and polishing to do.

When the boat is finally “moving” I guess if we start twiddling our fingers, we’ll just sail on.

We could end up home by June not just at Curacao !

I am a bit tired of the “hot” and the weather being almost changeless, fine day, fine day, fine day.

I am very tired of being bitten constantly by mosquitos and the little tiny flying bugs called
noseeums. We can’t cool off with a swim in this harbour. We shower and do the
laundry on land and take the computer over to the marina centre to do a long
session. I guess when we actually start sailing / cruising things will improve.
To begin with the bugs will not fly out to sea to bite me.

Written by teoranga

September 6, 2011 at 10:49 am

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