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We are sailing, we are sailing ……

Well not exactly yet, we are in trials &
training mode.

For example we had a great day out sailing
yesterday testing the new spinnaker / parasailor for the first time. It was a
work of art to behold and made 3-4 knots in the very light 3-4 knots apparent

On Saturday we were sailing beam on in 20 – 25 knot
apparent winds and doing 7-8 knots under normal sails in big rough and rocky
seas – unfortunately I got seasick, first time ever.

On Friday we went out in normal seas in 15 knot
winds and the boat averaged 7 – 8 knots then beam on.

So all in all Andreas is pretty happy with how it
sails and I am now learning all the practical know how now…I can man the
helm, negotiate it through the mooring field in the marina and out the river to
the sea. I can pull up the mainsail with the help of a special attachment on a
heavy Milwakee drill, I can reef the sails and sheet the sails. And we can
anchor the boat; me at the helm and Andreas on the anchor controls and we lift
the anchor as a team too. The anchor is a new NZ made Rocna 25 kgs.

By early January this 1st mate should be pretty
competent in things to do with sailing this boat.

Dolphins joined us today, big ones and we saw a
turtle swimming in the sea grass which was floating in drifts on top of the


We particularly enjoy the Pelicans. They are incredible
to watch, flying in unison inches above the waves and anticipating even the
upwards air pressure movements of the waves. They fish and dive in tandem
often, perfectly matched. They dive and dive and dive and one of the downstream
effects of this diving long term is they often go blind. We had a squadron of
about 12 fly at mast height over us over the marina recently and one of them
had to swerve to dodge the top of a neighbouring mast. He must have not seen it
till the last minute. Another strange thing is despite being fined tuned to be
able to work so closely together they cannot judge the depth of the sea bed
very well. Another common injury is split and broken bills.

We are sailing on Xmas day – it will be fine, quite
calm and flat – parasailing I think !

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September 18, 2011 at 6:57 am

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