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Marathon.. Xmas now

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The weather is rotating predictably now, Florida / Caribbean winter style. Every 7 to 10
days a cold front comes by. Strong wind for about 36 hours,a little rain, then
the wind drops and it turns cold for about 3 days – really quite cold I have to
put my winter woollies on.

27 December 2010

We did spend the best part of Xmas day out sailing.

As we left the Marina and motored down Sisters creek to the Ocean
side I heard a very squeaky noise and was trying to work out what it was. Eventually
I looked up to the top of the mast thinking it was the weather vane up there or
something like that squeaking but then a little black bird stuck his head over
the side of the top of the mast . He was very agitated, squeaking and
squawking. He obviously did not know what to do. He knew his roost was on the
move. He travelled a good kilometre with us squeaking and squawking and finally
abandoned ship as we went out the mouth of the river into the ocean. I hope he
has been able to find his way home. I do not know why he took so long to go.


We went sailing between the
lobster pot floats. One would not normally choose to do this because it really
is no fun trying to avoid them and sail to get the maximum speed one can out of
the wind, but we are practising and in fact this was our first day out alone,
so a BIG step, and nothing went wrong but things continue to go wrong with one
of our Yanmar engines.

To begin with we found that 2 of the 4 coupling bolts ( coupling
the mains part of the engine to the propeller shaft ) had broken

off and were in the bilge and the other two were so worn they were about to do the
same. They were replaced, but there were still problems.

The transmission was leaking oil. Andreas removed it and we took
it to the authorised Yanmar mechanic in Marathon to have the seal replaced.

Then we found that the engine mounts, which should have been

2 X 200 one side and 2 x 150 the other, were all wrong.

Instead we found 2 x 100 one side and 1 x 200 and 1 x 150 on the
other side)  This will have caused the coupling bolts to break and the transmission to leak oil.                      Then the mechanic found that the bolt holes into the part the coupling fixes to were damaged .                       He could not supply a replacement part so in the meantime we have to live with two
stretched bolt holes.

Andreas has fitted
everything back together again but now it is looking like the engine will need
realignment, again!

Around and around we go and somewhere in this loop of things we should
have also gone for a swim to check and see that the propeller shaft is straight
– not moving from side to side on the outside… in case that is contributing
to the vibration problems too.

But the harbour is not the place you would want to swim, as I have told you
before, and when we out in the sea yesterday Andreas backed down on going over
board to check it because it was too choppy.

So fun, fun, fun, thanks to irresponsible, unprofessional previous maintenance.
I tell you do not buy an ex- charter boat off The Moorings.

Do not lease your boat to The Moorings to be chartered.

The other engine is fine so far but occasionally won’t start

off the key so Andreas has to go in and start it with a screw driver.

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September 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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