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Marathon – It’s Time to say Goodbye

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The boat has now been outfitted with a radar,
AIS, a new Garmin chart plotter and a VHF with a DSC capability

Mostly small things are being tidied up now like
getting an expert in to retension the shrouds – one was quite slack- cleaning
and regreasing the winches, sorting out why the boom locks not locking
properly, props to reclean, because there are many many barnacles living in
this harbor, the propellor shaft bearings to check and annodes to replace when
Andreas finally does don his wet suit and go under the boat!

The last major job is building an aluminium frame
and fixing 4 x 225 watt solar panels to the boat, having them connected, and
then GO…. when the weather permits.

10 January 2011

super busy with last minute ( weeks) work.. We are
moving off in the direction of Cuba in early in the morning  (we both think Cuba is the most
interesting of places to visit at the moment socially and scenically and it will not be
overrun with American tourists of course, as the rest of the Bahamas and
Carribbeans are right now. ) Shortly – in less
than an hour – we are leaving our mooring and going to anchor off shore for a
quick start in the morning.

I will write more at length when we get near
internet again — whenever that will be I am not sure – but we have a
satellite phone – number 870776419512 – very expensive for you to ring us though
but if there is panic your end well ring it …we should be at the other end of
it loud and clear – even in Cuba !

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September 23, 2011 at 8:24 am

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