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Cuba – The Marina in disrepair

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The Hemmingway marina is a specially designed and designated tourists
marina complete with two quite large hotels. It is against the sea, it is
expansive, it was beautifully planned. Everything you need in a marina is here –
water and power at each dock, spacious lusciously tiled on shore showers,
toilets and laundry service, a dock side shop, restaurant and bar separate from
the hotels ones, marina administrative offices centrally sited.   I guess it
must have been built in the late 1950,s but no body has done any maintenance to
it since. It is so sad to see. There is an abundance of people working on the
marina, maybe six grounds men who scoot about picking up the odd palm frond that
has fallen and pick up bags of rubbish with an old tractor and a big trailer and
mow the grass sometimes. With six grounds men in a place like this in New
Zealand or Switzerland there would be no cracked and crumbling concrete dockside
walkway, or potholes here and there, some deep enough to break a leg if you
walked into it the dark, and usually rubbish has gathered in it. The grass would
be manicured  back off the concrete pathways and roads. The power cables
congregated at each dock site would be safely covered from the weather and
customers with a lid and water would not be leaking out of hose connections
etc… A lady stands on duty at the toilet/ shower block. She has few customers
! She could be gainfully employed doing something else as well as standing duty
. There are about 3 security guards wandering about at any one time – guarding
us from Cubans who are not allowed to board the boats – including the security
guards themselves
Last night after getting a little bit sick of being
constantly peered at through our windows by a young negro security guard Andreas
went out to see what he wanted. It was a bit difficult to work out. He could not
speak English. Maybe he wanted a tip to stop peering at us , not sure maybe he
just wanted to talk to someone to pass the time. He did indicate that it was
cold and it was quite cold.   Andreas did not tip him and came back inside and
still he stood out and watched us as we started to eat. In the end I said to
Andreas “Do you think he is hungry ? “ Andreas went out and offered him some
food.He gladly accepted a bowl of stew and potatoes and disappeared somewhere to
eat it returning a cleaned bowl and spoon a little later on.
I guess we can expect a “guest “ for dinner most nights now!

Written by teoranga

October 2, 2011 at 1:42 am

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