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The Galapagos Fish Market – an unrehearsed comedy

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Bien  venido , welcome  everybody to

“ Just another day at the Santa Cruz Fish Market “.

Where we do not feed the animals, they feed themselves.

The most adaptable  adapted show on earth!

Out with your cameras , the stars of the show are arriving.

Excuse me

Hurry up Baby

I,m late, I,m late, for a very important date!

Have I made my cue in time

Ola, are you joining us?

They wait, we wait.

What do you think, mackerel tonight ?

Ohhh it’s enough to make your beak droop.

It must surely be our turn by now!

O, Oh Look who’s arrived.

Excuse me but we were here first.

Please could I have ….all of your fish.

What are you hiding there?

Just look at that will you, greedy bugger!

Pelicans’protest planning meeting.

Ban the sea lion, ban the sea lion, Pelicans first.

Pelicans’ protest turns noisy!

Don,t worry Pelicans,  there,s  plenty more, tuna this time.

Wow , go and tell the others to come.

Just look at those humans will you!

Why are we waiting ? Nobody else is.

And, what is he doing here?

Just look at him , I thought he was a vegetarian.

Who invited them on the show?

The Pelicans’  Fish Scramble.

Like mother , like son.

Its Ok, my mum’s over there.

Uhummm that looks like one of my favourites, squid!

Mr Fisherman, Mr Fisherman, Squid please, and don’t tell my mum.

All right, I,ll just get it myself.


Time for a little nap til the next boat gets here.

Written by teoranga

April 4, 2012 at 11:45 am

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