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Rock Harbor : the good the bad and the ugly

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30  October 2010

Hi Phillipa, Anneka, Jordan and Kayle  (grandchildren)

I was trying to think about whether you would like to visit this place or not.                                                                                                                                                        I don’t see many kids about actually so maybe there are not many families living
around here. It’s just a long skinny run of little flat islands. The motor way
runs down the middle; two lanes one way and two lanes the other way. Sometimes
there is quite a wide piece of land of land between the two sets of motorway
lanes. Wide enough for a petrol station, or a restaurant, or a shop or groups
of trees. Other times there is no land between, just a motorway barrier. The
houses, the holiday resorts and lodges are directly off the motorway or along very
short tree strewn side streets off the motorway. Where we are there is only
about 300 metres between one sea and the other sea. This motorway is very
straight and runs 110 kms to the end of the chain of islands finishing at Key
West. There is no way you would ride a bike on this motorway. Hundreds of cars
and utes and trucks stream up and down it continuously. Sometimes I have to
cross it to go from the motel to the boatyard on the other side .. it’s scary.
The traffic is fast, the edges of the road are rough – they make things fast,
not well, in Florida. I usually have to wait quite a while to get a break in
the traffic. I cannot believe how many vehicles are really travelling a dead
end road. There is a footpath off to one side and some people do ride their
bikes along that. But not actually kids. Just some of the poorer people do: Indians,
Cubans, Mexicans, negroes, Puerto Ricans, who probably can’t afford cars.

I don’t see people swimming in either sea but some people do go snorkelling and some
go diving somewhere up the coast. Andreas has bought  snorkel and flippers for me but the seas
smell a bit rotten, more like the rotten smell of rotting trees and things in
the water, not the pollution of man. I think that it is just the smell of the
everglades water but I don’t like it and don’t fancy putting my face in it,
even though it is quite clear.

So actually
there is nothing much for kids to do here unless you like shopping – haven’t seen
any toy/book shops yet but I will look out for the kind of books you like here.

If you came here you might like the pet parrot or the squirrels in the garden
who are continuously stalked by a giant black hawk who whirls overhead and keeps
dropping by and trying to catch them.


When squirrels feel bashful they hide behind their tails.

You might like trying to catch the little gecko lizards that run off the paths or through
the grass in front of you. I have tried and tried and not caught one yet. They
are only as long as our fingers but they are very tricky and fast. You might
like swinging in the double sized hammocks that hang from the “tourist
trees” The tourist trees start off with smooth pale coloured bark which
goes redder and redder in the sun. Then it peels and is all rough and scaly
until that rubs off and you are back to the pale bark again to begin the cycle
again. So why do they call them the “tourist trees ” You can guess
cant you?

Written by teoranga

August 26, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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